Practice and learning in social pedagogy is a journey that requires frequent and regular nurturing. A continual training programme in Social Pedagogy is provided for all employees. This process starts with an 'Introduction to Social Pedagogy' training developed and facilitated by Kemp Consultancy. All employees in Compass CFS are participating in the newly developed Massive Open Online Course (MOOC), Social Pedagogy across Europe.

Compass CFS recognises the importance of upskilling, networking, sharing of ideas and learning from other professionals within the social care field. Compass CFS facilitates and actively encourages employees to present or facilitate workshops at conferences. This is a great way to develop communication and presentation skills but more importantly it encourages active participation which is a key principle of social pedagogy.

When joining the Compass CFS team all new employees will receive training in the following areas:

o MAPA (Management of Actual and Potential Aggression)
o Children's First
o Fire Safety
o First Aid

Compass CFS facilitates an in-service training programme which was designed by our clinical psychologist in consultation with the direct care providers. This training is topical based on what the carers feel would be most beneficial to them at any given time. An example of the topics available includes:

1. Projection/Projective Identification
2. Language: Within Social Care practice
3. Family Systems: Borrowing strategies to improve relational experiences
4. Understanding attachment & its implications for a young person's functioning
5. How to work with the effects of trauma
6. Self-care, vicarious trauma & developing resilience

Other training programmes are agreed upon with employees and facilitated by Compass CFS. Some training which was sourced and facilitated in 2018/2019 include:

o Child Sexual Exploitation
o Internet Safety Awareness
o Understanding attachment
o Dyadic Developmental Practice
o MOOC (Massive Open Online Course), Social Pedagogy
o Health & Safety
o Management & Leadership Training
o Supervision Training
o Understanding Youth Mental Health
o Designated Liaison Person Training