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Family Intervention Services

At Compass Child and Family Services we offer flexible and integrated community based family intervention services to complement existing community resources and services for young people and families. We have a particular emphasis on working in relationship within communities to reach and facilitate people where they live and to offer meaningful supports.    

All our family interventions are developed with an holistic approach to social education and aim to educate the heart, the head and the hands.  


Community Based Programmes 

Relationships That Work Programme

The Relationships that Work Programme is a module based intensive family support programme which can be adapted to cater for specific and individual needs of families. It is offered for approximately six months and it encompasses working with families in their own home and community. The active and voluntary participation of families is the basis for this intervention and it involves shared goal setting and the facilitation of reaching those goals in a joint effort.   


Family Solutions

This is an individual approach to specific family difficulties, conflict or crisis situations where families benefit from a facilitated problem solving and solution focused intervention. Our team of clinicians meets with the whole family to support problem solving and finding solutions that work for their family in a collaborative effort. We can meet at the family's home, school or at our offices.     



Parenting Programmes

We recognise that bringing up children is a complex and challenging task and at times it may be helpful to look at different ways of dealing with these challenges. In order to do this, we are offering parenting programmes addressing common parenting challenges and which are also dealing with specific challenges to help parents and carers to manage their own resources and to find solutions to specific parenting challenges. 


Additional Services

Compass Child and Family Services have developed working relationships with additional social and health services and professionals which will allow for timely access of such services.


Please enquire about our different programmes and how you can avail of the services

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