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Compass Fostering Services


Aims & Objectives


Compass Fostering Services aspires to enact its philosophy around the care of children and young people to enable the best quality upbringing and experiences for those growing up/in placement with foster carers.

The main aim of Compass Fostering Services is to provide a continuity of care for children and young people already in its existing care settings. Fundamentally, we want the importance of ‘good enough’ attachments and trusting relationships being maintained, as children and young people transition from their ‘out of home’ care environment to a foster care placement.

It is essential to note that Compass Fostering Services will support the needs of children and young people who are outside of Compass’ current services. The necessity and demand for specialised foster care placements is critical.

Compass Fostering Services will recruit, train and support foster carers to be able to foster children and young people in a home environment. We want to develop foster carers that are capable of caring for vulnerable and complex children and young people.

Compass Fostering Services places an emphasis on the supports given to foster carers and their requirement to engage in those support services. This will promote the children and young people in their care, to developmentally grow throughout their experience of being cared for.

Compass Fostering Services will promote working partnerships and relational offers in collaborating with external professionals and their agency organisations.

Compass Child and Family Services CLG, Registered Charity Number (RCN): 20144180, CHY Number: 21990