Compass CFS through social pedagogy offers a holistic way of working which supports employee's well-being, learning and growth. The appeal in social pedagogy lies in the fact that it is more than just an approach to practice; it is an ethical orientation that can be applied to the whole organisation and the wider social context. Our pedagogical journey is supported by Robyn Kemp (Kemp Consultancy) who facilitates numerous training programmes for Compass throughout the year.

Participation is part of the culture in Compass CFS. For participation to be effective it needs to be part of the belief system, reflecting the importance the organisation places on both the young people and the adults and on giving them a say in decisions which affect their lives. The model of care followed in Compass CFS, allows for greater empowerment and participation for both the young people and adults. This takes place under the milieu of a shared life space.

Compass CFS have a number of structures to facilitate ongoing reflection and learning. These structures include:

1. Regular line management individual supervision, facilitated by a trained supervisor
2. Team supervision which is provided and facilitated by an external Psychologist
3. Clinical case supervision facilitated by an external Clinical Psychologist

"What happens if we invest in our employees and they leave us? What happens if we don't and they stay" - Peter Baeklund.

Compass CFS is invested in supporting and developing its employees. The strong focus on development is evidenced by almost 90% of the management team having been developed and promoted from within.

A 24-hour confidential helpline to support employees through any issues they may have, whether work related or otherwise. Includes access to an online health portal, which provides health checks, fitness advice and emotional support.

Health and Wellness is an important part of Compass's culture. Central to this is our health promotion week which promotes and facilitates health screening for all employees, outdoor activities, healthy eating programmes, mindfulness and much more. Employees are actively encouraged to facilitate and promote health and wellness initiatives throughout the year.

All employees are entitled to the organisations cycle to work benefit. Whether you want to try something new, save money on your commute, be greener or simply get more active - this employee benefit can help.

Compass Child & Family Services
Compass Child & Family Services