To begin your fostering journey with us, you will need to:

Step 1 - Initial Enquiry

Make an enquiry about fostering by visiting the website on, emailing or calling 061 622040. A member of the team will be happy to talk to you about fostering. We will explain more about fostering with us, what is needed to be able to foster, answer as many questions that you may have and arrange a home visit following this call.

Step 2 - Home Visit

The home visit is to speak to you and your family about the reasons why you would like to foster. After a home visit is completed, there is plenty of information to process and it is encouraged that all applicants take their time to consider whether or not they would like to complete an Application Form.

Step 3 - Application Form

Once an Application Form is received, it is the starting point in conducting all relevant checks to determine your suitability to foster. The Application Form provides us with a large amount of information about you and your family, and we require your consent to carry out Garda vetting/police checks, medical check-up, reference checks and Tusla checks. Once all this information has been received, verified and approved, applicants will be introduced to the Assessing Social Worker.

Step 4 - Assessment

You will meet with our Assessing Social Worker who will complete the assessment process with you. They will visit you at home between 8 and 10 times to get to know you and your family. During this assessment the Assessing Social Worker will speak to you and your family, as well as speaking to the references you provided, to talk about you and your family's suitability to becoming foster carers.

Step 5 - Training

Fostering training will be provided to you and your family during your assessment. This is called the 'Foundations to Fostering' training. Towards the end of the assessment, a full comprehensive training package will be provided to you and your family, to best support you when you are approved to start your fostering journey.

Step 6 - Approval

Once the assessment report is completed and you are happy with the outcome of the report, it will be presented to the local Foster Care Committee and they will make a decision on the suitability to be approved as foster carers. Once the approval has been gained, your name(s) will be added to the list of approved foster carers with Compass Fostering Services. It is encouraged that all applicants choose to attend this meeting with your Assessing Social Worker. If you are unsatisfied with the outcome of your meeting, you can talk to your Assessing Social Worker about appealing the Foster Care Committee's decision.

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